Business in today’s world is complex and this requires a new approach. I will work with you to unleash the wisdom within the business, team and individuals.  We will engage in dialogue to support you being courageous and visionary and to observe differently, and thus see new possibilities, in order to meet your challenges.

I have had hands-on business experience and understand the challenges and opportunities. The programs that are delivered will ensure people can work more effectively together to achieve business goals.

Each business is different and I can discuss with you a range of strategies that will suit your business specifically.  

Performance Improvement

In today’s world it isn’t about time management; it is about managing your energy: the energy that your brain uses! I use the current research in in our programs that improve individual’s performance by enabling them to:

  • Think more clearly and thus be more focused
  • Manage stress
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Maintain a healthy life balance


The difference this makes to individuals and business is enormous.  It is through the people that business will achieve its goals.


What are the costs of ineffective communication?

Have you ever thought about the power of conversations in your business? Everything in your business is done through conversations. Do the conversations your people have, add value or detract from value from your business?

Communication workshops that I facilitate, go further than the basic communication skills. You can benefit from the latest and powerful breakthroughs in the application of language for business success.

In the workshops, your staff will develop a common understanding of communication and learn that the way people think influences the way they communicate. Participants will learn why many of the day-to-day 'business' problems they face are, in fact, communication problems.

In both customer-facing and internal functions, 'getting through' to people of the same and different thinking styles is critical to personal and organisational effectiveness.

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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence refers to the ability to perceive, control, and evaluate your own emotions. It is also about being able to perceive other people’s emotions and to manage them accordingly.

Increasing Emotional Intelligence awareness, for people and organisations, can significantly contribute to healthier workplace environments.

It also contributes to the bottom line of businesses. For example, the Hay Group found, in one study of 44 Fortune 500 companies, that salespeople with high EQ produced twice the revenue of those with average or below average scores.

I can run a variety of programs on Emotional Intelligence depending on your business needs.

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Customer Service/Sales Program

My approach not just about learning more skills and acquiring more knowledge. The program is unique in that it supports sales staff in understanding the concerns of their customer and how to communicate in a way to meet the customer's needs. Understanding a customer's thinking preference – and applying this knowledge to interactions – not only improves negotiations and sales results, but marketing, customer service and loyalty as well.

Another major point of difference in the program is that sales people are developed to look at themselves and what they bring to the sales process. This is the difference between an average performer and a top performer.

I look forward to having a discussion on how I can develop a customised program for your business.

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