Language doesn't describe your reality it creates you reality.

How many people really consider, really consider, what they are saying to themselves, to others.  

We flippantly say words, without realising the effect they are having on ourselves. I'm too old, too young, too ..... We state these as God given facts, when really they are only are judgements of the situation.  One person at 70 believes they are too old to go to university, another person is receiving a degree at 85.  Who is correct?  One thing I can certainly predict is what words each person said to themselves and others and thus got their respective reality.

We take on the language what surrounds us.  We live in a network of "truths" and never question them. The truths could be from our culture, our family, the media.  Do we realise what this is doing to us?  What mood it puts us in?  What the end result will be? The impact of our language is enormous.  It can have a huge detriment to our health and thus the quality of our lives.

What can we do?  The first step is to observe our automatic responses.  What we automatically think, say. Then step by step change the language that isn't serving you.  What can you say and think that will make you feel better, feel that you can achieve.  Step by step this can change, and so can your life.

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