Coaching anchors people to their internal strengths.  It is a positive, productive partnership in which the coach helps the client to transform their life or business through: 

  • Identifying their values, desires, dreams and goal
  • Setting forth a plan of action to move toward obtaining goals
  • Identifying obstacles to success and support in developing strategies to ensure success

Who needs a coach?

Individuals hire coaches to inspire and guide them through all types of life transition.  Clients of coaches report clarity of purpose, greater focus, more self esteem, increased personal power, more life balance and shifts in their lives that lead to happier, healthier, and more productive living.

Business leaders have coachers to gain:

  • Improvement in their communication to maximise potential, theirs and their staff
  • Clearer, focussed, results driven decisions for themselves and their business

What does a coach do?

A coach doesn’t tell you what to do.  It is a collaborative process where a coach will ask you decisive questions to unpack your wisdom within.  A coach will be:

  • an honest and supportive listener
  • your partner in identifying goals, barriers and pathways to success
  • holding your focus on your desired outcome
  • use questions to enable you to gain new perspective and explore viable solutions
  • holding your accountable for completing the steps towards your goal
  • encouraging you and celebrating your successes.