You need to have followers.

Leadership Development

Leaders have a huge impact on the success of businesses. However it just doesn’t happen. Technical excellence does not necessarily make a good leader. Leaders in the sophisticated business of today are needing more than “tips, tools & techniques”.

I will work with your business to develop your current leaders and leaders of the future. The programs support high performers to move from technical expertise to leadership. Leaders and managers are paid to converse in ways that produce results. A key competence associated with their work is conversational proficiency - to continually be able to engage in a range of effective conversations with a variety of people.

The approach to leadership isn’t about learning new skills. It goes deeper to than that……to our Way of Being. This isn’t some esoteric notion. It is very practical. It gets to the heart of how people function and communicate and it is from this that trust is built.

The programs a based on a rigorous theoretical underpinning of how human beings function and interact. This theoretical base, together with the wide range of knowledge and experience ensures that the leadership development program is one that will equip leaders of today.

Appropriate 360-degree feedback tools and personality measures to provide insight and a starting point for conversations.

The Coaching Leader

Coach your people, rather than command them.

Leadership today is a challenge. The complexity of the work environment demands that to effectively lead requires significant skills in the areas of relating, creating meaning, developing direction and gaining commitment. These are the skills of a good coach.

I will work with leaders and those aspiring to leadership to bring the concepts of coaching into being a constructive leader who creates and maintains willing followers.