It's the people that make the policies and procedures happen.

The Hay Group states in the publication of their research, "Lighting the Path to Success".

"It’s perhaps the most consistent theme in our
 15 years of work with the World’s Most Admired Companies. Recognizing that their employees
 are the key driver of their success, these top-performing organizations go to great lengths to create the right conditions for people to thrive."

Link to PDF of article – Lighting the Path to Success

Performance Improvement

In today’s world it isn’t about time management; it is about managing your energy: the energy that your brain uses! We use the current research in in our programs that improve individual’s performance by enabling them to:

  • Think more clearly and thus be more focused
  • Manage stress
  • Improve interpersonal relationships
  • Maintain a healthy life balance

The difference this makes to individuals and business is enormous.

We have a variety of programs to suit the needs of your business.


We coach people, at all levels of business, executives to team members, in order for them to develop authentic and sustained improvement.

I use a unique and holistic coaching approach called Ontology.  It is a powerful, highly effective approach to coaching, capable of generating deep positive change. The approach is practical and sustainable. I will work alongside you in an encouraging yet challenging way to create clarity, meaning and forward momentum in times of stagnation or overwhelm.

Some of the benefits can include:

  • A greatly enhanced self-understanding and self-confidence
  • The development of more resourceful ways of looking at issues and circumstances
  • Improvements in the quality of thinking and decision making
  • Significantly enhance leadership capability
  • Improved communication and the ability to positively influence, especially in dealing with challenging circumstances and people
  • A greater capacity to have constructive conversations that build productive relationships and highly collaborative practices
  • Substantial improvement in well-being and reduction of stress
  • Enhancement of personal resilience and performance capacity.

I will use appropriate 360-degree feedback tools and personality measures to provide insight and a starting point for conversations.